Top 5 Reasons to Use OneNote for Academic Writing

Top 5 Reasons to Use OneNote for Academic Writing

With the evolution of digital platforms for higher ed courses, it has become more and more critical for students to use tools that optimize organization and digital storage. As a current doctoral student, I have found OneNote to be the perfect tool to effectively curate sources and store content for essays. Here are the Top 5 Reasons you should use OneNote for College Papers:

1. Automatic Saving
Have you ever closed or lost a word document without saving it? I know I have!  OneNote 2016 does not have a save button which means you can safely exit OneNote at any time without first closing your notebooks or manually saving any of your work. OneNote saves and retrieves everything automatically (source).

2. Annotation & Record Features
OneNote allows users to insert files directly into the background of the page which makes typing and drawing directly over text possible. The draw features makes annotating important articles easy! I often find myself using the draw features to jot down notes, highlight important quotes, and notate references to other texts.

3. Audio Record & Learning Tools
I have also used the audio record feature to record a verbal analysis of articles.  This feature help me record my immediate thoughts during the revision phases of writing.
Need to look away in the middle of study session? No worries, OneNote Learning Tools’ Immersive Reader will read the text for you!

4. Subpages and Sections
I enjoy creating subpages to categorize similar articles that relate to the same topic. Creating multiple sections is also helpful to organize content as needed.

5. Familiar Interface
We have all experience using Microsoft Word to draft our academic writing. OneNote conveniently shares the same basic ribbon (interface) as Word. So whether you opt to draft your writing directly on a OneNote page or store the word document in OneNote, you come out as a winner.