Using Sway to Rewrite Your School's Narrative

Using Sway to Rewrite Your School's Narrative

​In today’s era of infatuation with digital media, stories are shared instantly in a variety formats. Microsoft Sway presents a practical option to continuously rewrite your school’s narrative through an interactive, digital storytelling app. Take a look at the example  developed by Bear Creek Middle School, a Microsoft Showcase School in Fulton County, GA. This school used Sway to share its Digital Transformation Story which has been viewed over 2,000 times by an international audience.

5 Benefits of Sway

1. Start with a Storyline. The ability to start with a storyline gives students a much needed sense of structure and guidance that many other apps don’t offer. When you first open up your sway portal, you many select from one of the following options:

  • “Create New”-This option allows users to build the sway presentations from the ground up.
  • “Start from a template/topic”- This allows users to access pre-generated sways from a selected topic. Users can then add additional content to the sway
  • “Start from a document”- You can simply upload one of your pre-existing documents (PDF, PPT, Word, etc.) and then add additional content. Sway will customize the format and design to align with the original document.

2. Mobile View. Unlike many presentation tools, mobile view of a sway is optimized. And yes, you guessed it…there is a mobile app to create Sways directly from your phone.

3. Audio Recording. Users can record up to 5 minutes of audio (per recording). This feature is ideal for creating a flipped lesson in which students listen to pre-recorded directions and explanations while working at their own pace.

4. Embed a Sway within a Sway. This features gives users the ability to embded multiple sways within one Sway. This is ideal for a review activity prior to a formal assessment. For example, teachers can create one sway that includes sways that were delivered throughout the  instructional unit to generate a “review sway”. No more study guides!

5. Repository of Sway Lessons. Thanks to the Microsoft Educator Community, a repository of sway lessons have been stored here.

​Lastly, Valerie Thomas did a phenomenal job capturing the power of sway in this visual below.