Why Microsoft and Digital Inking?

Many educators have to make a critical decision on what tools to select for instruction within their classrooms. As educators, we are also tasked with planning with the end in mind. Selecting the appropriate digital software is a crucial step in the planning process. Requiring students to create digital products provide valuable experiences that translate to work force skill sets.  So the big question is… “What skill set should Georgia Educators empower in their classrooms?” According current research, the answer is simple…Microsoft!

It’s estimated that over 6 million new IT jobs will be created by 2022. Below is a current snapshot of open positions that “require or prefer” specific vendor technology skills and certifications.

Open Jobs Seeking Vendor-specific Skills & Certifications in Georgia (Feb. 2017*)


*data gathered from leading job search engine indeed.com
In a recent study, Sharon Oviatt (2014) found that “Using the pen, they [students] produced 56% more nonlinguistic content (diagrams, symbols, numbers), which led to 9-38% improvement in performance” (p. 4). So the equation seems simple: Practice with Microsoft tools + digital inking = work force preparation.

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Reference: Oviatt, S. (2014). Computer interfaces and their impact on learning. Retrieved from ​https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/microsoft_in_education/2015/03/26/pen-keyboard-voice-touch-computer-interfaces-and-their-impact-on-learning/